With careful, strategic development and consulting, we help businesses advance and inspire, create positive transformation, and champion digital innovation.
To go digital or not to go digital is not a question anymore – digital transformation is imperative for businesses looking to maintain a competitive edge. The question is HOW ? How to successfully transform your business, while also overcoming the complexity of digitization?

Bring your IT environment up to speed

Modernization consulting
Application & Software re-engineering
Cloud Migration
Business process transformation
Application & software
Cloud Migration
Business process transformation

Transform your business for
good with disruptive technology

To digital strategy, just going digital isn’t sufficient. A business needs to develop an ecosystem facilitating digital accessibility and creating disruptive innovation strategies to leverage full of potential digital transformation.
Unlock cloud-based solutions that are not limited by geographies.
Provides your business the mobility to stay ahead.
Enrich user experience with seamless interface.
Artificial intelligence
Harness Al to make well-informed decisions.
Digital marketing
User new-age solutions to get the digital edge.
Internet of things
Leverage lot to stay ahead of the curve.
Big Data
Gain actionable insight into customers’ data for custom services.
Know the market dynamics to device insightful strategies.


To digital strategy, just going digital isn’t sufficient. A business needs to develop an ecosystem facilitating digital accessibility and creating disruptive innovation strategies to leverage full of potential digital transformation.
Artificial intelligence
Internet of things
Cloud computing
Big data
Augmented reality


Our digital transformation consulting company has technical expertise to handle delivery of complex, multi-technology and multi-disciplinary projects. You can hire us on different models and choose the right model for hiring resources that suit best for project needs.


Define – What, where, and How to transform
Change – Core systems and process
Scale – And accelerate a Go-to-market strategy
Optimize– By Continuously optimizing the digital approach


DDS Digital Transformation services have made a great impact in the market Which include:

Application modernization

Transforming legacy applications to drive agility and efficiency through modern IT stands at the core of Application Modernization Services. Ideally, these services cut down unnecessary costs and maintenance burden that legacy or outdated applications might be causing to your organization.

Digital applications

Digital transformation demands change in operating infrastructure, applications and all assets of an organization. Implementation of digital practices across application lifecycle is one major factor in the process.

Business restructuring

Business Restructuring’ plays crucial at this point, helping the firms modernize and make their business processes and key infrastructure more responsive than before!

Enhanced user experience

Customer satisfaction forms the basis for Digital Transformation! The secret of digital trends lies in its ability to provide a ‘never-before’ product experience to the end-user.

Develop digital strategy

Moving to digital is the most happening trend today and, the race has already begun for early digital transformation. But that doesn’t happen so easily as Digital Transformation is all about well-defined planning and strategy. So, begin with building an effective digital strategy that helps you transform easily.

IT moderanization

Success comes with modernization! While infrastructure modernization stands at the core of any organizational development, it is as important as building a digital strategy in a successful digital transformation journey.


Our digital transformation help leading build and deliver their next-gen software products to unlock the transformative benefits of digitalization.
Refined Digital transformation strategy
Reduced R&D Costs
Evolved Digital transformation technologies
Improved processess

Benefit from Digital Transformation
Consulting with DDS

Through DDS’ digital transformation solutions, we help you in minimizing costs and saving numerous work hours:

Eliminate paper and manual data records while centralizing information digitally for easy access
Automating processes cuts down time and increases efficiency in operational processes
Agile delivery approach and cloud for higher value to users and organizations
Foster fresh, innovation-based culture for your business, employees and stakeholders
Deliver enhanced customer experience with data-driven insights


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DDS is an agile organization focusing on deploying and managing end-to-end IT services. Being pioneers in Cloud Infrastructure Management Services and web-based application development, we have helped SME’s to leverage their business by making use of prompt and viable IT solutions. We focus on delivering high value to clients through integrated, reliable, responsive and cost-effective solutions. Our solutions address your unique business needs, allowing you to quickly implement scale as your business grows and technology evolves.

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