DDS helps educational, research and training institutions, and universities for effective marketing communications to reach students with customized information, meet rising regulatory requirements, safeguard data assets and information, and meet the ever-increasing requirement of ensuring high-quality education with wider reach in a cost-effective manner.

Our technologies strength help clients to cope up with challenges in all areas including administration operations, results management, performance management, curriculum management, academic research, and admissions helps in developing personalized education programs and improved learning ecosystem streamlining the academic services




Our adaptive learning management system delivers across platforms. Be it gamification, collaborative whiteboard or innovative learning tools, we create systems that deliver highly effective instructional programs for holistic learning. Monitor student’s progress, time spent on forums and activities, projects and a lot more with a single window access.

Enterprise Resource Planning
Learning Management System
Examination Management System

Course Management System
Donation Management System
Student Management System

Content Management System
Information Management System
PerformanceManagement System


How does

it benefit you ?

Creating an interactive live training platform
Easy trackable of student’s activities and increase the efficiency
Customizable learning courses for individuals


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DDS is an agile organization focusing on deploying and managing end-to-end IT services. Being pioneers in Cloud Infrastructure Management Services and web-based application development, we have helped SME’s to leverage their business by making use of prompt and viable IT solutions. We focus on delivering high value to clients through integrated, reliable, responsive and cost-effective solutions. Our solutions address your unique business needs, allowing you to quickly implement scale as your business grows and technology evolves.

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