Does it seem like you’re always spending more on IT Service and Support? We all need reliable and secure technology to be productive and competitive – but you’re wasting money if you use pay-as-you-go services.

Managed IT Services are ongoing services that support the essential IT needs of your business, such as your core network infrastructure, information security services, or data center management. You can use us to simply augment or completely take over the management of your IT infrastructure. We can also handle large ongoing projects, such as overhauling and optimizing network performance, or small projects, such as ongoing system maintenance. The beauty of managed IT services is that you can mold it to fit your needs—you choose which services to delegate to us as your provider.

DDS can offer you the IT support you need at a fraction of the cost—allowing you to focus on the performance and growth of your business. Whether you need ongoing network maintenance, or an overhaul for your information security, DDS is the answer to all of your needs. 

In Other words, this can also be explained as the process of outsourcing a range Of IT needs including infrastructure, applications, security and maintenance, among others to a third-party provider.

IT Managed Service
Providers (MSPs)

In a broader perspective, IT MSPs can categorize into:

Low Level MSPs

Offer basic IT services such as monitoring, process continuity, with little focus on IT business side and planning.

Medium Level MSPs

Beyond process continuity, disaster recovery and maintenance to enhancing scalability and further are part of this offering.

High Level MSPs

Offer a full set of managed services at their own facility, as a combination of both high-level and lower-level services.


Lower Total Cost

When you outsource your managed services, you will save the cost of bringing an in- house team and or purchasing expensive technical hardware Plus, you will have the benefit of forecasting up to your yearly spending, DDS has the personnel and equipment to get the job done proficiently giving you peace of mind.

Increase Productivity

When you don’t have to worry about basic maintenance and IT security, you and your team can focus your time and efforts on enhancing your business rather than maintaining it Having a dedicated team or system in place maximizes productivity and keeps downtime to a minimum.

Protect and Secure

Downloading an anti-virus software won’t be enough to protect your customers as your company grows. Having a managed service provider on your side means you Won’t need to stress about unexpected threats. Get security expertise, and you’ll always be one step ahead of any threats before they become an issue

Knowledge and Experience

At DDS our staff stays up to date on the latest technology developments giving you the benefits to better combat potential threats and be the first in new innovative systems. We take on the hard work, and you watch your business flourish.


At DDS, we are proud to offer a wide variety of managed IT services to ensure your business is secure and designed for optimal performance. Our clients are more than just a number—we value our relationships and are committed to protecting sensitive issues and providing the highest expertise in the industry. To become a partner with DDS and explore all of our valuable managed services, contact us today.


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